11×18 – Black Terry Velour Hand Towels 100% Cotton

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Terry velour hand towels made of 100% cotton hemmed on all 4 sides. One side is velour and other side is terry. Used as rally towels, fingertip towels, embroidery and more

Additional Information

Black Terry-Velour Hand Towels

Washing, drying and folding hand towels are a part of the daily tasks at salons, spas, resorts and many other hospitality businesses. The problem many of these companies encounter is that the towels fail to last. They break down sooner than you anticipated, especially when you consider what you paid for them.

Our towels break away from that scenario. Our black terry-velour hand towels consist of high-quality, 100 percent cotton to provide you consistent and reliable service. And we avoid high price tags by selling our hand towels by the dozen and offering bulk discounts.

Stop the fast-paced cycle of purchasing and repurchasing overpriced black hand towels and switch to our dependable and durable terry-velour towels.

Why Use Black Terry-Velour Hand Towels for Your Business?

Traditional cotton is the staple when it comes to hand towels for businesses. A terry-velour set of towels lets you step up your game, without raising your budget for supplies. Plus, they provide a bounty of benefits:

  • Soft for sensitive skin. Terry-velour offers a level of softness that regular cotton can’t match. Clients with sensitive skin will no doubt appreciate your use of a terry-velour hand towel as rougher fabrics can cause irritation.
  • Cotton for long-term use. We use 100 percent cotton for our terry-velour hand towels. The long, dense cotton fibers prevent premature fraying, as well as help our towels last through repeated cycles in the washer or dryer.
  • Absorbent for wet hands. Our black terry-velour hand towels are dependable. They’re excellent at absorbing moisture. Whether you’re using them to dry hands or wipe down gym equipment, they’ll take care of the task. If they’re in your restroom, they can dry several pairs of hands before reaching maximum saturation.
  • Fast dry time for frequent use. A busy business often makes for a busy bathroom, which means your black hand towels are serving multiple clients throughout the day. Ours are fast drying due to their cotton build, so they’ll be ready and dry for the next customer. That means fewer towels for you to wash each day.
  • Black for a change in color. White’s a typical towel color. Switch up your business’ look or add to its color palette with our black terry-velour hand towels.
  • Convenient size for multiple uses. Our 11″ x 18″ hand towels offer several applications — besides as a hand towel. Use them for wiping down gym equipment. Place them under clients’ hands or feet at your spa or roll them up to provide guests with a pillow during their massage.

However you use our black terry-velour hand towels, they’ll provide the performance and longevity you want.

Purchase Your Next Set of Black Hand Towels

Yoga studios, salons and hotels rely on our experienced, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited, team to deliver quality service and products. We provide fast order processing and shipping to ensure you receive your hand towels without delay.

Grab a set of our black hand towels today, and we’ll get your order ready.