11×18 – Hunter Green Terry Velour Hand Towels 100% Cotton

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Terry velour hand towels made of 100% cotton hemmed on all 4 sides. One side is velour and other side is terry. Used as rally towels, fingertip towels, embroidery and more

Additional Information

Hunter Green Terry Velour Hand Towels

There’s nothing like a bold splash of color to brighten up a room. Towel Super Center’s hunter green hand towels made from 100 percent cotton provide your bathroom with a lively focal point. They look cheerful and vibrant hanging on the wall, and they’re sure to pep up a room that’s often overlooked during the decorating phase.

Hunter Green Hand Towels Brighten up Any Room

When you buy our green hand towels, you’re reminding yourself to have a bit of fun throughout your house. It’s an unexpected color and a hue people may not have anticipated. Additionally, when you invest in Towel Super Center hand towels, you get a product that’s attractive as well as durable and washable.

Why People Love Our Hunter Green Hand Towels

A great towel absorbs water, feels soft on even the most sensitive of hands and looks great while doing it. Our hand towels in hunter green fulfill all the criteria. We also know they work well outside of the bathroom. We recommend these ideas to get more wear out of your towels:

  • Let kids use them as blankets for their dolls
  • Grab one as a baby bib or wipe in a pinch
  • Dry dishes with them

Looking for other places to use these green terry velour hand towels? Add a few to each of the following spaces in your home.

  • Bathrooms. Be sure you always have a few extra green terry velour hand towels stashed under the sink for those last-minute clean-ups.
  • Kitchens. You’ll never be without a handy 11 x 18 hand towel when you’re preparing foods. Sometimes, a kitchen towel just doesn’t have the drying power than a terry velour one made of 100 percent cotton does!
  • Garages. Place a couple of wholesale green hand towels in the garage for those times when you need to wipe off your hands after gardening or doing a little outdoor cleaning.
  • Vehicles. Do you carry towels in your car, truck or SUV? They definitely come in handy when you tip over your coffee or need to wipe off the windshield while gassing up.
  • Entrances. Is your mudroom worthy of the name? Stop too much dirt, moisture and grime from getting into your house by having green terry velour wholesale hand towels available.
  • Pet Areas. Does Fido tend to come in with messy paws? Put an end to muddy prints throughout the house by keeping wholesale green hand towels where you need them most.
  • Nursery. The nursery is the perfect place to use any super-soft terry velour hand towel! You’ll appreciate not having to hunt for one.

Give Our Hunter Green Terry Velour Hand Towels a Try Today

Our terry towels will make a great addition to your bathroom décor. Whether you’re decorating a new home or are looking to add new character to your existing one, buy new hand towels today to update your bathroom — or another area of your living space.

Keep Your Wholesale Green Hand Towels Looking Amazing

Want to make your new 11 x 18 hunter green terry velour hand towels last? The best way you can enjoy these towels for a long time is to always clean them regularly. The longer they sit bunched up and dirty, the more the fibers start to wear away due to bacteria build-up.

However, if you toss soiled terry velour hand towels in the washer and then the dryer not long after they’ve been used, you can restore them to softness and cleanness!