16X16 Black Microfiber towels wholesale

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50 - 99 Dozen $4.25
100+ Dozen $3.75

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Wholesale Microfiber towels 16×16(200gsm) black for polishing, scrubing, buffing, drying and more

Additional Information

Tough and Sturdy Wholesale Black Microfiber Towels

Why worry that you’ll run out of towels during a busy day detailing cars for customers? Order tough, reliable wholesale black microfiber towels in a perfect 16” by 16” size. As you purchase more units of these sturdy towels, your per-towel cost gets lower. It’s never been so easy to get microfiber towels that work as long and hard as you and your team members.

Tap Into a Multibillion Dollar Industry With Microfiber Towels at Wholesale Value

Car washing and car detailing are some of the biggest industries, and they’re continuing to grow. Americans love having vehicles, and many families opt to buy several — cars, SUVs and trucks alike. Season after season, their wheels get dirty, which opens an opportunity for you and your business.

Be sure that you’re ready to wow clients and get repeat business, not to mention word-of-mouth referrals, by having black microfiber economy-grade towels on hand. Towel Super Center’s car detailing towels can assist you as you polish, scrub and clean. Featuring moisture-wicking polyester-based fabrics, they’re exactly what you need to grow in this industry worth billions.

Think that you can’t possibly get toughness from an economy-grade microfiber towel? Think again.

We’ve chosen these wholesale black microfiber towels for their strength and durability. The fact that they are meant for constant use doesn’t take away from their resilience. You can trust that they’ll remain intact for the long haul, giving you week after week of opportunity to detail cars and other vehicles with confidence.

Best of all, you’ll be able to get tons of usage, because polyester fibers wear very well. You bring the elbow grease, and your economy wholesale microfiber towels will bring the robustness.

Wash Your Wholesale Black Microfiber Towels Quickly

There’s no need to do more to clean one of our black microfiber economy car detailing towels than to pop them in the laundry at the end of a busy day. Use your favorite regular or green laundry detergent, and set your washing machine on regular or heavy-duty wash cycles. Avoid using a liquid fabric softener, as it leaves a barrier that prevents efficient liquid absorption.

Want your towels to have a soft, fluffy feel? Try dryer sheets, which usually don’t leave any residue on the towels but still reduce static cling and improve softness.

A car detailing or car wash establishment needs plenty of towels, and not only black microfiber ones. Consider buying all the towels you want from Towel Super Center with your next order. For instance, you may want to purchase several kinds of towels in different sizes or colors. You may even wish to get some for use in other parts of your business, such as hand towels for your bathroom area.

At Towel Super Center, you can always find the right professional towels for any need. Save money every time you choose our products, and make sure that you’re never without the proper towels for any customer project.