16X16 Charcoal grey Microfiber towels wholesale

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Weight 1.49 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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Microfiber towels 16×16(200gsm) Charcoal grey for polishing, scrubing, drying

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Invest in Wholesale Charcoal Grey Microfiber Towels

A car is more than just a mere mode of transportation. Vehicles are statement pieces that provide you with a stylish ride to and from your daily destinations. Your number one goal is to pamper your customers’ cars so that they emerge from your lot with a look that commands attention. Your car business invests in the best waxes and soaps to ensure every vehicle that drives off of your lot is spotless, so why not place the same level of emphasis on your towels?

At Towel Super Center, we believe every accessory your company invests in should be worthwhile — towels included. What better way to stand out from the crowd than with a handy towel that fulfills all of your daily drying needs with elegance? Give your customers’ cars a little-added shine with style by placing your wholesale order for our charcoal grey microfiber towels online today!

Microfiber Towels With Aesthetic and Functionality

The color grey fits flawlessly into any surroundings with a look of sophistication and style. Whether your car wash or car detailing company has a solid blue color scheme or a vibrant motif, rest assured our charcoal grey microfiber towels enhance the look of any interior. You could also keep your interior designs simple with this neutral-colored towel that adds an aura of professionalism during use.

While aesthetically pleasing, our charcoal grey microfiber towels also boast incredible functionality, especially for the car industry. When you’re mopping up spills or messes, you’ll feel a sense of ease in knowing that you’ve chosen an excellent hue for hiding unwanted blemishes. With a charcoal grey colored towel, you won’t have to worry about stains causing an unkempt appearance. Just pop them in the washing machine and watch as your towels emerge looking like new every time!

Sometimes you want more than just one hue or shade when placing your wholesale order. At Towel Super Center, we offer a variety of towels in various dimensions, fabrics and, most importantly, colors! Pair your charcoal grey microfiber towels with another shade for an added aesthetic.

Enjoy a Fresh Towel During Every Use

Keep your charcoal grey microfiber towels looking great with a few precautionary measures. As a part of the carwash industry, you know how important it is to get the most out of your money. With a robust poly-blend composition and bold dark exterior, you’ll find that our microfiber towels will far exceed their worth throughout their lifetime. To get the most out of your charcoal grey microfiber towels, be sure to keep a few of the following tips in mind:

  • Avoid using a liquid softener during laundering to maintain a vibrant look.
  • Rinse and wash your towels with a detergent in lukewarm water to resist stains.
  • Prevent stains or blemishes from forming by opting for a bleach alternative or non-bleach detergent.

Enjoy the Benefits of Wholesale Buying

With towels this good, why would you want to purchase just a few? At Towel Super Center, we offer wholesale pricing on our top-of-the-line towels so that your business never runs out of the quality accessories it needs. Plus, when you order in bulk, you’ll save yourself both time and money. Place your order at Towel Super Center today for towel shopping made simple.