Hand Towels Wholesale 15X25 Dark Brown Premium

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Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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15X25-(2.4Lb)hand towels Dark brown in premium extra soft quality. Made of 100% cotton popular with hair salons, nail salons, gyms, schools, sports teams.

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Impress Salon Guests With Wholesale Premium Dark Brown Hand Towels

With tens of thousands of salons operating in the United States alone, you want to make sure yours stands out to potential customers. To help you emphasize your brand, why not consider using premium cotton hand towels in a rich brown shade?

Our 15” by 25” 100 percent cotton fiber hand towels are perfectly suited for hair washing, drying and other common uses. You’ll appreciate how good these premium towels make your facility look, and you’ll love how long they last.

Why spend too much on hand towels that don’t make the cut? Order your preferred number of wholesale brown hand towels from Towel Super Center and get budget-friendly items without compromising quality.

Improve Your Salon’s Look and Functionality With Cotton

Want to make a great first impression on stylists, staff members and salon guests? Always opt for cotton over other types of towel materials.

What makes cotton a salon owner’s fabric of choice?

  • Absorbency. Have you ever felt like you’re using too many hand towels to get jobs done? The problem is likely one of absorbency. Cotton fibers have a natural thirst. In fact, they can absorb many times their size in liquids. The fewer towels you use during the day, the lower your utility costs to wash and dry them.
  • Fluffiness. Your guests deserve to have towels that feel good to the touch, even to those with sensitive skin. Cotton is a very soft fabric that continues to get softer every time you use it. You can make sure that it’s free from allergens by using special detergents made specifically for those with cleanser residue sensitivities.
  • Stain-Resistance. They happen all the time in salon environments: spills. However, when you have dark brown cotton hand towels, you have a barrier against stains. First, cotton tends to let go of stains better than other materials. Secondly, if you pre-treat all your stains immediately, you’ll have even less likelihood of them sticking around!
  • Odor-Resistance. In addition to resisting staining, cotton also resists holding unpleasant odors. Again, you can increase this factor by laundering your towels on a daily basis. That way, they’ll always smell clean and look amazing.
  • Durability. Despite its fluffiness, cotton is surprisingly strong. You’ll have fewer experiences of towels tearing, fraying or ripping than ever. This keeps you from having to constantly buy new hand towels for your business.

Shop Brown Hand Towels in Bulk

Why buy a few brown hand towels at a time when you can replace all of your business’s hand towels at once and receive incredibly low pricing?

Towel Super Center passes deep discounts to customers like you, enabling you to make larger purchases without overspending. It doesn’t matter if you only need one dozen brown hand towels or 12 dozen units, you can always count on saving money and stretching your budgeted supply dollars with us.