16X27-Salon Towels White Premium-Plus

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Salon towels-white in Premium-PLUS quality for customer looking for luxury quality at low price these towels are for hair salons, nail salon, tanning salons. Useful Salon towels!

Additional Information

Salon Towels White Premium-Plus

White premium-plus salon towels are ideal when you need luxury quality at low prices. If you work at a hair, nail or tanning salon, you may go through dozens of towels every day — that’s why you need towels designed to stand up to repeated washings.

Towel Super Center is your trusted source for quality, savings and service. We sell our 16×27 premium-plus salon towels in units of one dozen — the more units you purchase, the lower the price for white salon towels.

Why Buy Wholesale White Salon Towels?

If you’re in an industry that requires large amounts of towels — like a beauty salon or spa — it can be costly to have to replenish your stock. Wholesale towels can be a cost-effective solution. Towel Super Center’s wholesale white salon towels offer your business many benefits, including:

Premium-plus quality: We make our premium-plus white salon towels using only high-quality cotton fibers. These towels are odor-resistant, soft and absorbent.

Lower prices: Wholesale towels allow you to stock up on better quality products while paying a lower rate.

Fluffier and more substantial: The weight of our premium-plus towels is the highest we offer. It’s a difference you can see and feel immediately.

Towel Super Center: Your Home for Quality White Salon Towels

At Towel Super Center, we pride ourselves on providing nail, hair, tanning and beauty salons with high-quality, premium-plus towels for maximum absorption and style. We use tight stitching on our 100% luxury cotton towels to make them extra durable and long-lasting.

Whether you work at a nail salon, beauty parlor, hair salon or fitness center, Towel Super Center has the towels to meet your unique needs. Order online from Towel Super Center to get the quality products you can trust.