16X30-Premium Plus White Hand Towels 100% Cotton

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Wholesale White hand towels in Premium-PLUS quality for car wash use, these hand towels are made of 100% cotton extra soft and highly absorbent. Schools sports facilities can use these for teams.

Additional Information

Set Up Your Car Wash for Professional Results With Premium Hand Towels

You want your car wash to be seen as the most professional in the community, but do your hand towels reflect your abilities? If you’re not working on customers’ vehicles with premium white hand towels, you might be missing a chance to stand out from the competition.

Make a good first impression on your clients by ordering premium hand towels from Towel Super Center! Stop worrying that you’ll run out of supplies on those busy days and always have enough wholesale premium hand towels ready. Plus, you can always be sure that they’ll work as hard as you and your team!

Premium Plus Car Wash Towels Get the Job Done Right

When you choose premium plus wholesale white hand towels for your car wash, you set the tone for improved results. These towels have the durability you need and hold their shape time after time. Put them through your toughest wash cycles repeatedly!

These 16” x 30” premium plus car wash towels will take you through the day and give you the performance you need. Order your preferred number of car wash towels by the unit right now.

Thirsty Premium Hand Towels for Car Washes Improve Efficiency

How many cars can your car wash currently handle every day? Are you ever held up because your towels simply aren’t up to the challenge?

You can increase your efficiency by giving your employees the power of 100% cotton premium plus towels. Cotton is highly absorbent, allowing you to use fewer towels while getting more done. Our cotton hand towels dry quickly, whether they’re air-drying or being fluffed up in a commercial dryer.

Car Wash Towels That Hold Up Without Falling Apart

Think that a good-looking car wash towel can’t be tough? Think again! Our premium hand towels are made of strong cotton fibers that resist tearing, stretching and fraying. This means you’ll spend less money over time because you won’t constantly have to re-stock your supply of hand towels.

Get all the benefits of white cotton towels today when you shop with Towel Super Center, your one-stop source for all the towels you need to keep your car wash humming!

Keep Your Wholesale Premium Hand Towels Their Brightest

Wondering how you’ll be able to keep your car wash hand towels from losing their bright luster? It’s not difficult if you take a few steps to make sure that your 16 x 30 premium plus white hand towels will last.

  • Launder hand towels after every use. This helps loosen dirt, debris and stains that may be trapped in the fibers.
  • If you can’t launder hand towels for several hours, hang them to dry. That way, moisture and odors will leave the cotton fibers.
  • For tougher stains, use a pre-treatment spray or solution before laundering.
  • When picking a detergent, opt for a bleach alternative rather than bleach. Bleach tends to break down fabrics and may shorten the lifetime of towels.
  • Don’t worry about adding fabric softener or even dryer sheets. Just toss an old tennis ball in the dryer and your towels will come out fluffy!
  • Fold and store your wholesale premium hand towels upon removal from the dryer. If you’ve allowed them to sit for too long, dry them again for a few minutes to fluff up the fibers.

It’s time to put your car wash on the map! Upgrade without overspending by purchasing Towel Super Center’s 16 x 30 premium plus white hand towels for your crew.