27X54-Premium Plus Hotel Bath towels White 100% Cotton

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20+ Dozen $61.99

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
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Wholesale Bath Towels 27×54(15Lbs/doz) in Premium-PLUS grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of soft towels like premium bath towels. These white bath towels will get the job done

Additional Information

Grab the Best Premium Plus White Bath Towels at Wholesale

Is your hotel, inn or bed and breakfast in need of new towels? Rather than ordering them piecemeal or taking time out of your schedule to shop at traditional retail stores, why not purchase them wholesale from Towel Super Center?

Our premium plus white bath towels aren’t just cuddly and soft. They are durable, too. Made of 100 percent pure cotton, they’ll last for longer than the competitions’ bath towels under normal wear and tear.

Towels are sold in units of one dozen, so order as many units as you need. As you increase your unit total, your per towel cost will continue to decrease. It’s the easiest way to save on the items you need to impress your guests!

Why Choose Cotton Premium Plus Towels for Your Hotel?

Have you tried other types of towel fabrics? Come back to the best: cotton.

What makes cotton the preferred material for hotel owners across the nation?

    • Thirstiness. Cotton is intrinsically absorbent. This means it takes fewer cotton towels to get the job done. You might be amazed at how much moisture one 27” by 54” cotton bath towel is able to withhold!
    • Heightened Drying. Although cotton does love to drink up liquids, it’s just as willing to let it go. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a natural material that’s easier to get completely dry than cotton.
    • Odor-Resistance. Have you ever had to throw out hotel towels because of a bad smell? Reduce that kind of loss with cotton bath towels. Cotton is naturally resistant to odors, especially if you launder it soon after use. Worried about any kind of lingering smells? Pre-treat it with your favorite product for added odor reduction.
    • Stain-Resistance. Just as it resists odors, cotton also resists stains. Although not every stain will come out of white premium plus cotton bath towels, a little pre-treating and consistent laundering will help your towels remain as close to pristine as possible. When needed, add a bleach alternative to your laundry for extra brightening and whitening without the chemical smell or residue.
    • Durability. These towels are constructed specifically for constant use. Although they’ll continue to become softer and fluffier over time, they will resist breaking, fraying, tearing and ripping. Not only will they make a strong first impression on guests, but they’ll become staples in your commercial linen closet.

Pamper your patrons today with premium plus, heavy-duty cotton bath towels at the lowest wholesale prices you can find!

Keep Your Premium Plus White Bath Towels Looking Amazing

Want to know some secrets to keeping your cotton bath towels from Towel Super Center in like-new condition?

First, make sure you wash and completely dry them after guests finish using them. This will help maintain their fresh smell and lessen the chance of built-up moisture problems like mustiness.

Next, be sure you’re not overloading your washing machine. Too many towels in the machine at once will actually decrease the cleaning effectiveness and cause you to spend more time re-cleaning towels later.

Finally, for fluffy towels that still absorb moisture, forget about liquid softeners and turn to dryer balls or even clean tennis balls instead. No residue — just wonderfully fresh towels! Find your wholesale white bath towels at Towel Super Center.