Economy 22X44-Bath towels w/Blue Stripe

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Wholesale Bath Towels 22X44(6Lb) with blue stripe in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of soft towels like premium bath towels. These white bath towels will get the job done

Additional Information

Wholesale Blue Stripe Bath Towels

Hotel guests expect soft, luxurious towels when they check-in to their room for an overnight or weekend stay. The cost of these towels, however, often exceeds their expected lifetime. They become worn, frayed and dull in a short amount of time, which forces you to replace them in a never-ending, fast-paced cycle.

At Towel Super Center, our towels ease that cycle down to a crawl. They’re produced with quality cotton that won’t leave you disappointed after retrieving them from the dryer. Plus, we offer them at wholesale prices and provide bulk discounts to lower your expenses.

Stock your hotel rooms with our blue stripe bath towels to satisfy you and your guests.

Perks of 22″ x 44″ Blue Stripe Bath Towels

Hotels depend on our bath towels because they offer quality for an affordable price. Their design and construction also provide several additional perks:

  • Quality cotton construction. Our blue stripe bath towels are 100 percent cotton. Because these towels feature quality and durable cotton fibers, they’re resistant to shrinking and stretching.
  • Satisfactory size for all guests. Guests may complain about hotel bathroom towels being too small, but ours provide a size that’s comfortable and cozy for most of your hotel’s occupants.
  • Soft fabric for sensitive skin. Non-cotton fabrics, or worn cotton towels, can cause irritation or redness for people with sensitive skin. Our economy blue stripe bath towels are soft. Their fluffiness keeps guests comfortable and cozy, even after multiple washes.
  • Dependable absorption and fast drying times. Hotels across the U.S. encourage guests to reuse their towels throughout their stay. We make it easy for customers to help you aid the environment — and your energy bills — by providing a towel that air dries quickly. It’s also thirsty, so it absorbs moisture fast.
  • Easy removal of stains and odors. It’s essential for your towels to avoid repeated runs in the washing machine before returning to guest rooms. Our towels release dirt and stains during regular wash cycles, plus they’re bleach-safe, so they stay a pearly white.

Our blue stripe towels improve the experience of your hotel’s guests, which can benefit you through word-of-mouth recommendations, positive reviews or return visits.

Revamp Your Hotel Towels With Blue Stripes

Travelers are accustomed to the classic white towels that hotels use. Surprise them by revamping your hotel’s towels with blue stripes. It’s a small detail that packs a big surprise when they wrap themselves up in our fluffy and comfortable blue stripe bath towels.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you can count on receiving unmatched products and service from our experienced team at Towel Super Center. We go the extra mile by processing your orders within one business day and lowering your shipping rates through our packing process.

Pick up a dozen of our blue stripe towels today, or a few more dozen to take advantage of our bulk discount prices, and we’ll start processing your order. If you’d like a free sample, just contact us.