White 20X40-Bath towels Wholesale 100% Cotton-Economy

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Wholesale Bath Towels 20X40(5Lb) in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of soft towels like premium bath towels. These white bath towels will get the job done

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Outfit Your Hotel With Wholesale Bath Towels

The key to running a successful hotel, bed and breakfast, motel or inn is to keep guests happy. What could make them feel better than having bath towels made of 100 percent cotton?

Towel Super Center offers economical white bath towels at wholesale prices so you can give your patrons exactly what they deserve without overspending. Each towel is 20” by 40” and offers all the attributes of cotton fibers. Because they are sold in units of 12, you get deep discounts and bulk pricing. In fact, the more units you buy, the lower your cost goes for each towel.

Impress your hotel guests today with wholesale bath towels that only look expensive!

Why Cotton White Bath Towels Are the Right Pick for Hotels

What makes cotton the best fabric for hotel bath towels? Essentially, the answer is in the following properties of cotton fibers:

  • Absorbency. One cotton fiber can absorb quite a bit more times its volume. This makes it easy for a bath towel to dry off an individual staying at your establishment. Cut down on the number of towels that people use during every stay by offering better-quality, economy grade white cotton instead of another material.
  • Quick-Drying. When cotton towels are hung in the bathroom after use, they tend to dry quickly as long as they can breathe. Additionally, cotton dries very fast in commercial dryers. This cuts down on mildew smells forming, which can happen in other types of towels.
  • Stain-Resistance. Cotton fibers tend to release stains, and you can help the process along. After every bath towel use, pre-treat the towel if you’re not going to launder it immediately.
  • Odor-Resistance. What guest at your hotel wants to pick up a bath towel with a strong, unpleasant odor? Avoid embarrassment with cotton bath towels, which tend to block out odors when laundered promptly and dried completely.
  • Softness. Pamper each patron with 100 percent cotton in a bath towel form. Be sure to also offer cotton hand towels and fingertip towels for a matched set in every bathroom.

Be Sure to Have Quality Wholesale Bath Towels on Hand in All Public Areas

Although most hotels and resorts have a primary need for bath towels in each room or suite, there are other common areas where towels come in handy.

First is the pool area. Never assume that guests will remember to bring towels from their room down to the pool. Instead, have plenty of towels available around the pool and adjoining areas. This cuts down on people tracking chlorinated water to and from the pool as well.

Next is the gym. Offering a fitness facility for those staying at your lodging place? They’ll want to wipe off the machinery, not to mention their faces and hands after a tough workout. Although you don’t need a bath towel for this purpose, you should at least have a hand or fingertip towel made of 100 percent cotton.

Finally, consider offering cotton hand towels in public washrooms. This makes a lovely, upscale touch that sets your hotel apart from others.

When you’re in need of wholesale bath towels, or any other towels, that offer the highest quality and affordability, order them from Towel Super Center.