Economy White 24×50 Bath towels 100% Cotton

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Wholeslae Bath Towels 24X50(10Lb) in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of cheap bath towels in large size. These white bath towels will get the job done

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Purchase White Cotton Bath Towels Your Guests Will Rave About – The Best Price

When your guests enter their hotel room for the first time, they expect to be met with a level of quality that matches your hotel’s reputation. The clean and polished appearance of your towels and linens are the perfect way to show your hotel is dedicated to providing the best experience for its guests.

Whether your guests are on vacation, a business trip or a quick little get away, your hotel should always offer the luxurious experience they crave — starting with a line of freshly laundered fluffy white towels waiting for them in the bathroom.

The Benefits of a Superior Material

You can constantly trust cotton when it comes to an exceptional fabric for bath towels. Cotton is the fabric of choice due to its non-abrasive yet strong capabilities. When your guests reach for a bath towel, they should be met with a quality material that surpasses their expectations. Cotton is your go-to fabric, providing various advantages, including:

  • Super absorbing capability : Cotton tends to absorb liquids quickly and completely, which is exactly what you want in a bath towel for your visitors. When your guests are done drying off, they don’t have to deal with a soggy or damp mess. These towels are quick-wicking, meaning they’ll be ready to go for their next use.
  • Natural composition: Many hotel guests care deeply about environmentalism. Cotton is an all-natural material that is sustainable, which may matter to those visiting your establishment. Don’t settle for subpar synthetic materials when you can purchase a natural, high-quality alternative.
  • Fluffy softness: Your guests want to be greeted by towels that have a straight-from-the-dryer softness. With our white bath towels, even if your guests have sensitive skin, they’ll find themselves wrapped up in a cozy towel after each bath.
  • Affordability: Surprisingly, it is possible to get luxury for your hotel without spending too much. Cotton is an affordable material, especially when you partner with Towel Super Center.
  • Durability: Are you tired of bath towels that fall apart after relatively few uses? Cotton is a long-lasting material that holds its shape, even after constant use. You’ll never have to worry about pilling, ripping or tearing because our premium white bath towels are designed to perform when you most need them to.

Make a Statement With Personalization

What’s better than a premium white bath towel from Towel Super Center? A durable, soft material that also showcases your hotel’s name, mantra or logo embroidered on its snowy white aesthetic. When your guests reach for a bath towel, you want them to be reminded of the establishment that provided them with their quality experience.

Place your order with Towel Super Center and send your bulk order of wholesale white bath towels straight to your local embroiderer! Whether your guests need a fresh towel after a quick dip in the pool or plush softness to dry off after a warm shower, you’ll be able to showcase your company’s name in the light it deserves.

Fulfill your order at Towel Super Center today. You and your guests will appreciate the sophistication of our white bath towels.