Economy White 20X40-Bath towels 100% Cotton

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Bath Towels 20X40(5Lb) in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of soft towels like premium bath towels. These white bath towels will get the job done

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Buy Bath Towels in Bulk for Your Home

Think buying bath towels in bulk is only something businesses do? Now, you can take advantage of the same deep discounts that companies around the country know about, by ordering your white bath towels from Towel Super Center.

Our 20″ x 40″ economy white bath towels are ready to be put into service in your household. Every member of your family, as well as your guests, will appreciate the quality of our exceptional cotton towels.

Stretch your dollar by investing in bath towels in bulk today. Our units come in sets of a dozen, making it easy for you to get white bath towels for every bathroom in your home!

Get the Value of 100% Cotton in White Bath Towels

You’ll notice that our white bath towels are made from 100% cotton. This type of quality means you always get tremendous value out of every use. The cotton material provides a variety of benefits and characteristics, some of which include:

  • It’s highly absorbent. You won’t have to feel like it’s taking forever to dry off after your shower or quick dip in the pool. The high absorbency is also great for when your pet has too much fun out in the snow or rain.
  • It’s soft. Who wants a bath towel that feels scratchy? Cotton always stays super-soft, even if you don’t use fabric softener. Plus, if you have sensitive skin, the 100-percent cotton threading won’t irritate your body as you wipe yourself off.
  • It cleans well. Cotton is known for being an easy-to-clean material. Because these bulk bath towels are white, you can use bleach or a bleach alternative to keep them bright. Just one simple wash cycle can restore the pure color of these bath towels.
  • It’s long-lasting. You shouldn’t have to buy bath towels for your household every season. With bulk bath towels from Towel Super Center, you won’t throw money away on bath towels again! Buy a dozen for multiple bathrooms, or store some in the closet and rotate through your usage routinely.

Cotton bath towels are the go-to option for a towel that not only gets you dry, but gets you dry in a quick manner. Make sure you buy enough and stock up, so you’ll never run low on laundry day!

Wholesale White Bath Towels for a Range of Home Uses

When you can get soft, fluffy white bath towels at incredible prices for your home, you’ll want to make sure you purchase enough for all the places that could use a reliable bath towel.

Many homeowners prefer to keep wholesale bath towels stocked up in several locations throughout the home, including:

  • Bathroom and Linen Closets. Make sure you’re never without a handy white bath towel, in the room where you’ll need it most. At 20 x 40, these economy bath towels made of 100-percent cotton fabric keep you dry no matter if you’re washing your hands or your entire body!
  • Pool Areas. Why try to remember to take a towel with you when you’re heading to the pool or hot tub? Have some stashed away conveniently near your pool area to make life easier. With a collection of bath towels at the ready by the pool, your friends and family guests won’t have an excuse to not go swimming on hot summer days!
  • Entryways. Who wants to track mud, dirt or wet puddles into the house? A wholesale bath towel can be a lifesaver for preventing entryways and mudrooms from becoming a source of dirt, moisture and debris. Get your family in the habit of wiping off their shoes and using a towel to cover their tracks after making their way inside.
  • Pet Areas. Does your furry friend have a special place to sit or be groomed? A wholesale bath towel is a great addition to help keep your best four-footed buddy comfortable and tidy! You’ll no longer have to worry about stepping into a growing collection of hair that’s been brushed off your pet when you use a towel to catch and collect any stray strands.
  • Nurseries. Along with your other baby items, be sure to add some folded white bath towels to the nursery. You never know when you need a towel that’s bigger than a typical hand or fingertip towel! Besides, who wouldn’t want to safely wrap a baby for some serious cozy snuggles?

Buy Economy White Bath Towels for Your Home Today

Don’t run out of a supply of clean towels again by ordering a set of economy-quality bath towels in bulk. The white color matches everything in your home, from walls to counters and more. You’ll never make a wrong choice with 100-percent cotton either. Order your wholesale bath towels online from Towel Super Center today!