Economy24X48-Bath towels w/Blue Stripe

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Wholesale Bath Towels 24X48(8Lb) with blue stripe in economy grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of cheap bath towels. These white bath towels will get the job done

Additional Information

Superior Economy Blue Stripe Bath Towels as Low as $20.99 Per Dozen!

Every day is a sale day at Towel Super Center, where you can stock up on favorites like these blue stripe bath towels.

Made from all-cotton fabric, they’re the economical way to ensure you give out only the best towels to your hotel, motel, inn or bed and breakfast guests. The more units you buy, the better your bulk pricing.

Break free from the endless cycle of constantly buying new bath towels for your facility. Order these long-lasting towels right now online!

Perfectly Sized for Your Hotel Guests’ Needs!

Your visitors want to feel like they’re being pampered when they visit your establishment. Give them what they need without breaking your budget by buying blue stripe bath towels from Towel Super Center.

Our towels are available in a luxurious 24″ by 48″ size, which means guests will use fewer than ever to get clean and dry. They’ll be happy, and so will your bank account.

100-Percent Cotton Means Tremendous Value

What’s so attractive about buying wholesale bath towels made from 100-percent cotton?

  • Cotton stays fluffy and soft. Don’t let the name fool you. These towels might be economy-grade in terms of weight, but they’ll still feel luxurious to the touch.
  • Cotton resists odors and stains. Although no fabric can completely resist spotting, with a little help from you, your towels will smell fresh and look like new longer. Be sure to launder them soon after use, and always pre-treat any questionable stains before they sink into the fibers.
  • Cotton is an all-natural fabric. Do you have guests with sensitive skin or specific allergies? Offering them an all-natural towel will show you care.
  • Cotton lasts. Did you know that cotton isn’t just eye-catching, but it’s also durable, too? The cotton fibers in this blue stripe bath towel are woven tightly, so they hold together use after use.

Get more for every dollar you spend on wholesale bath towels. Place your order with us today.

So Many Hotel Uses for Cotton Bath Towels

Where will you place your new cotton bath towels with a blue stripe? Why not consider these common locations around your hotel?

  • Bedrooms and Suites. Be sure all the bathrooms in your hotel have a supply of strong but plush bath towels. In general, two bath towels per room is a typical number for daily use.
  • Gyms. Do you have an onsite fitness or activity center? Be sure to add a few cotton bath towels for patrons. Not everyone can wipe off completely with a hand towel or fingertip towel.
  • Pool Areas. Whether your pool is inside or outside, offer guests blue stripe bath towels immediately upon entering and exiting the area. That way, they will dry off before being able to track water throughout the rest of the facility.
  • Front Desks. Your reception area is a place where people come and go throughout the day. Of course, accidents and spills can happen. Give your reception employees the opportunity for fast clean-ups with bath towels.

Find all the towels you need for corporate and residential use right here at Towel Super Center. Place your order for wholesale bath towels today!