Hand Towels Wholesale 15X25 Red Premium 100% cotton

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Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
Retail price







15X25-(2.4Lb) Hand towels Red in premium extra soft quality. Made of 100% cotton popular with hair salons, nail salons, gyms, schools, sports teams.

Additional Information

Make a Strong Impression With Wholesale Red Hand Towels

Red is one of those colors that always elicits a positive response. Not only is it a hue related to strength and love, but it also evokes vibrancy and energy.

Your salon has a constant flow of guests who notice everything from the style of the wallpaper to the way you greet them when they come through the door. Be sure that your cotton hand towels offer great impressions by ordering premium red editions.

Towel Super Center proudly offers top-notch red hand towels for all your salon needs. You’ll appreciate the way they last and last, and your clientele and employees will adore the way they feel. Want deeper discounts? The more units of premium red hand towels you order, the lower your per-towel cost will be.

Set up a purchase online today and wow your current and future salon guests every day.

Get the Power of Cotton at Your Salon

What makes cotton such a big seller for salon hand towels?

  • Thirstiness: Every salon knows that the fewer towels it takes to do a job, the more money you save in the long run. At the same time, it’s never a good idea to cut corners, because customers deserve pure pampering and luxury. The solution is to invest in a supply of premium cotton hand towels that will wick away moisture time and again. Stop using tons of hand towels when one or two will suffice.
  • Quick-Drying: Have a moisture-laden towel on your hands? If it’s cotton, just hang it to dry in a place where it can easily breathe. The fibers will release wetness into the air and naturally resist holding on to odors in the process. However, be sure you don’t bunch up your liquid-heavy cotton towels in a ball and leave them for days, because the air cannot make its way through the cotton fabric to encourage drying.
  • Durability: Cotton is notoriously strong, especially premium cotton fibers. These red hand towels are suitable for everyday wear and tear and will keep working as long as you need them. What a great way to ensure that you’re never let down by a hand towel again!
  • Easy-Cleaning: Who wants to spend too much time on cleaning hand towels? Not you or your team members. At your salon, you can set up a consistent towel cleaning system based on the dependability and reliability of cotton towels. You don’t need to use any special products to launder your towels, although you will want to stay away from chemicals and bleaches. Get a stain on a hand towel? Pre-treat it immediately with your favorite product for best results.
  • Fluffiness: Perhaps this should be first on the list of cotton attributes, particularly when discussing the needs of salons and their visitors. Consumers like to have their hands cleaned and soothed with fluffy towels, not towels that are hard, stiff or scratchy. Ensure that your towels are making your clients feel like valued friends by always opting for premium cotton models.

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