16×28-Bleach Proof Salon towels 100% Cotton

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High quality Bleach safe towels at very competitive low price from Towel Super Center. These towels are available in size 16×28(3.3Lb) and are excellent for hair salons and other

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Cotton Bleach-Proof Towels for Salons

Salons, nail salons, hairdressers, spas and other beauty centers go through a lot of towels. In addition, these businesses have special needs when it comes to their towels. These towels tend to come into contact with a lot of chemicals and need to be able to be bleached efficiently to meet hygiene requirements. Our bleach-proof salon towels deliver the quality and high standard salons require, all at wholesale prices.

Never Worry About Chemical Spills in Your Salon Thanks to Bleach-Safe Towels

How many times have you had to throw away a perfectly good salon towel because it became too spotted or stained for guest use? If you’re like the owners of many nail and tanning salons, you’re far too familiar with that circumstance!

Not only is it an annoying problem, but it’s also an expensive one. The answer, of course, is to purchase wholesale bleach-safe towels that won’t let you down. Although you should always pre-treat and readily launder bleach-proof salon towels that come in contact with bleaches, dyes and related substances, you don’t have to lose your investment.

Our 100-percent cotton bleach safe towels are the perfect solution to stop you from overspending on towels while still providing a great product that your clients will appreciate.

What to Look for in Bleach-Proof Salon Towels

Salon towels needs to be comfortable and luxurious feeling. Clients at a hairdresser, salon, spa or other beauty business expect pampering, and that means comfortable and soft towels which are absorbent and get the job done.

Salon towels also take a lot of abuse and must be able to provide effective absorbency. When guests step out of a steam room or massage room, they need to be able to towel off efficiently. Plus, they shouldn’t have to worry if they drop something messy on the towels. That’s why bleach-safe towels are the way to go!

Washable Materials Are Crucial for Bleach-Proof Salon Towels

While towels need to be soft and absorbent for guests, however, they also need to be very durable and able to withstand multiple washings and heavy bleaching. These towels are subject not only to frequent washes but also frequently get bleached to maintain hygiene.

Our towels are specifically designed to look and feel great after multiple bleaches and washings, ensuring they look wonderful in your place of business.

Why Choose Our Cotton Bleach-Proof Towels for Salons?

Our cotton bleach-proof towels for salons are designed to be soft and absorbent. They’ll make your guests and clients feel pampered and luxurious. At the same time, our towels make it easy to meet hygiene and safety standards because they bleach well. They are bleach-proof and made from the highest-quality materials, meaning you can bleach safely without having to worry about running colors, streaks, fading or loss of absorbency. If you purchase towels in one of our beautiful and rich colors, the color won’t fade for some time, even with multiple washings.

To bring gorgeous and soft towels into your business, contact Towel Super Center to place your wholesale order today.