16×27-Economy White hand towels 100% cotton

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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White hand towels 16×27 in economy grade, for any business looking for cheap hand towels in medium size, made of 100% cotton super white Economy towels.

Additional Information

Impress Your Clients With Economy Nail Salon Hand Towels

Nail salons go through lots of towels every day. They use them to wipe down surfaces in between clients, dry hands after manicures and cover work surfaces to avoid germs. Each nail technician needs their own pile of towels to do their job. It’s important to use the highest-quality towels in these situations, to show your clients just how professional your nail salon is.

Now, you can buy the ideal amount of wholesale hand towels at incredible discounts. The more white hand towels you buy from Towel Super Center, the less you pay for each towel. It’s the best way to get as many wholesale white hand towels as you need!

The Perfect Match for Economy Nail Salon White Hand Towels

You can find the right white hand towels for your business at Towel Super Center. We offer a vast selection that includes wholesale hand towels, which save you money the more you buy. Our money-saving options are perfect for nail salons that go through dozens of hand towels each day and need to stock up.

Economy White Hand Towels at the Right Price

In addition to affordability, our white hand towels have other advantages, including:

Absorbency: The soft towels can pick up after any spill or help people dry their hands quickly.

Softness: Your clients will feel pampered with our fluffy options.

Durability: Our towels withstand wash after wash in the laundry and still feel good as new.

White Hand Towels Are Easy to Keep Looking Their Best

Have you been let down by the wholesale white hand towels you’ve purchased in the past? You’ll appreciate how sturdy and well-constructed these white hand towels are. In fact, it’s easy to keep our wholesale towels looking great use after use.

  • Pre-treat any stains immediately. This helps the stain from taking hold in the cotton fibers. Plus, it reduces the risk of chemical agents breaking down the cotton prematurely.
  • Use a bleach alternative detergent instead of bleach when you wash your wholesale hand towels. Bleach alternatives are easier on the natural fibers while simultaneously bringing out the brightness you love.
  • Be sure to wash your white hand towels every day. The less time they sit when they’re soiled, the better.
  • Try to take your white hand towels out of the dryer as soon as the cycle finishes. They’ll be at their fluffiest, perfect for using immediately or folding and storing!

Love your towels and be sure your guests and employees do, too. Purchase as many 16 x 27 economy wholesale white hand towels as you need to stock up today. We’ll have them delivered right to your door.

Get Your Wholesale White Hand Towels for Nail Salons Today

Whether you have a new business that’s stocking up on hand towels before you begin greeting customers or you’ve been serving clients for years, Towel Super Center is the place to find your merchandise. We offer a wide selection of towels perfect for any nail salon. Check out our inventory today.