16×30 -Premium White Hand towels 100% Cotton

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Premium grade Extra soft white hand towels 16×30(3.8Lb) heavy quality for use in Salons, Gyms, Spas, Hotels and many more businesses.

Additional Information

Invigorate Your Salon or Spa with Premium White Hand Towels

Whether your guests desire a relaxing evening of pedicures and massages or are looking for a stylish new hairstyle, you want to assure the highest quality experience for every individual who steps foot in your door. Don’t let your superb services and offerings be overshadowed by frayed and dull looking surroundings. Let your skills shine and receive the light they deserve amongst an array of icy-white towels.

Made from 100% cotton fibers, our premium white hand towels are the perfect accessory for your salon or spa. You don’t want your guests to settle for a less than average experience — we agree. A luxury towel provides your guests with the lavishness they’re seeking from the moment they book an appointment with you. The perfect towels greatly tie up the wonderful experience you’re establishing for each and every visitor.

The Perks of Our Premium White Hand Towels

We know your industry necessitates constant washing and dryer needs. Luckily, Towel Super Center offers you a premium white hand towel with qualities designed specifically for your needs, such as the following:

  • Bleach-Resistance: Throughout the day, your clients may receive several services: spray-tanning, hair coloring, massages, facials and manicures or pedicures. The use of tanning sprays, hair dyes and nail polish can often leave behind a trail of stains and discoloration on the clothes they touch. Don’t let color spots on towels provide your business with a less-than-polished afterlook. Apply a bleaching agent or alternative to our towels during the washing process to display towels that look fresh as new, even after dozens of uses.
  • Absorbency: Nothing says messy like a room full of damp, wet towels laying around. With our premium white hand towels, you’ll never have to worry about using more towels than necessary. Crafted with cotton, our towels provide you with material that absorbs water and moisture easily, leaving skin feeling smooth and dry.
  • Ultra-Smooth Softness: Your clients are seeking optimal comfort when they travel to your salon or spa. Never worry about scratchy material lessening your customer’s overall experience. Provide them with the pampering they deserve with our ultra-smooth cotton white hand towels. Throughout the day, both your workers and clients will enjoy the comforting, supple quality of added softness.
  • Resilience: When seeking towels best suited for your business, you should always search for quality. You’ll be using them often, so you want them to last! With regular washing, our premium white hand towels retain their shape without the extra stress of pilling, tears or stretching.

Make an Investment Worthy of Your Business

You want to make an investment in your company that makes a difference. As a salon or spa owner, you likely provide the highest quality shampoos and soaps, the most stylish furniture and accessories and soft, comforting towels. Towel Super Center provides you with the resources necessary to conveniently and affordably fulfill all your salon and spa needs in one place.