16×30 – Premium White Hand towels 100% Cotton

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Wholesale white hand towels 16×30 heavy quality for use in Salons, Gyms, Spas, Hotels and many more businesses.

Additional Information

Amazingly Soft 16″ x 30″ Premium White Hand Towels

Salons and spas specialize in pampering their patrons — and that’s why their owners splurge on high-quality towels. At Towel Super Center, you can give your customers the luxurious experience they expect and save money on 16 x 30 hand towels at the same time! Our pure cotton premium white hand towels absorb fast and stay fluffy after drying, but they’re also affordable. Shop our selection and see!

Buy 16″ x 30″ Hand Towels in Bulk

Business owners count on our oversized premium white hand towels because they’re an excellent value for the money. Shop at Towel Super Center, and you’ll get:

  • 100% cotton construction and durability. Even with constant washing and drying, our towels retain their size and shape. That’s because we make our towels with long and dense fibers. Soft to the touch and remarkably absorbent, these towels will quickly become your favorite.
  • All the towels you need for less money. Browse our selection, and you’ll find more colors, sizes and fabric weights than you can possibly imagine. That’s why we’re a leading supplier for hotels, clubs, athletic facilities, restaurants, salons, spas and more.
  • Low prices, especially when you buy in bulk. With prices starting as low as $11.99 per dozen, it’s no wonder we’re the leading source of towels for smart business owners! And because we pack our towels tightly for delivery, you’ll save on shipping fees.

Budget-Friendly White Hand Towels That Look Pricey, But Aren’t!

Want to impress your customers without having to take a budget hit? Invest in wholesale white hand towels made of premium 100-percent cotton fibers. You’ll be able to show off without overspending!

Customers at spas and salons appreciate premium hand towels like these because of their:

  • Comfort: These premium towels feel comfortable, especially against sensitive skin. Your guests may have sensitivities or allergies that make it challenging to enjoy pampering without the plush feel of cotton.
  • Absorption: Our towels quickly absorb any moisture. Who wants to deal with towels that stay soggy or give out too soon? You can depend upon our wholesale white hand towels to always perform at top-notch levels.
  • Class: These towels show how considerate you and your team are. By offering your visitors 16″ by 30″ premium white hand towels that are fluffy and deluxe, you’ll indicate that you’ve thought of everything — right down to the towels you use.

Keep Your White Premium Hand Towels Pristine for Long-Term Use

It’s no secret: You can keep your wholesale white hand towels in tip-top condition by just paying a little attention to how you launder them.

First, pre-treat any stains or spotting to maximize cotton’s natural stain fighting power. Next, toss your used wholesale white hand towels into the washing machine immediately to keep them fresher. Finally, consider adding a dryer sheet to fluff up their fibers even more.

Order Wholesale White Hand Towels From Towel Super Center Today

Put your trust in a towel supplier that will make you and your business shine! Order white hand towels and more from Towel Super Center online today.