Wholesale White Hand Towels 16×27-Economy

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Retail Price: $18.99

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1 - 9 Dozen $7.99
10 - 19 Dozen $6.99
20 - 49 Dozen $6.50
50+ Dozen $6.25

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Wholsale white hand towels 16×27 in economy grade, for any business looking for cheap hand towels in medium size, made of 100% cotton.Super white Economy towels.

Additional Information

Pump Up Your Recreational Facility or Gym With Economy White Hand Towels

Your customers aren’t the only ones getting a workout in your recreational facility or gym — your towels do, too! Daily, you’ll find towels lining the changing room lockers, draped over workout machines, and in the hands of hardworking individuals. You want a towel as strong as your clients — a towel that can withstand constant daily use and washing.

Our economy white hand towels present the perfect option for fulfilling your hand towel necessities. In your gym or facility, towels are the backbone of cleaning up spills, messes and most importantly, sweat. With so many callings and responsibilities, you need a towel that will exceed expectations. Durable and strong with a color that fits excellently amongst any color scheme, it’s no wonder our economy white hand towels are the number one choice for many gyms and recreational facilities.

Functionality Without Excessive Pricing

You don’t have to fork out extra cash for a product that delivers — don’t break your budget when purchasing the accessories your company deserves. As a gym or recreational facility, you’ll likely go through dozens if not hundreds of towels each and every day. You don’t want to have to worry about spending a fortune on reliable, high-quality towels — our 16” by 27” economy white hand towels fulfill both needs.

Crafted with 100% cotton, our wholesale economy hand towels at Towel Super Center satisfy all your towel needs, including extra absorbency, durability, strength and affordability. Lining your gym with a quality towel doesn’t have to be costly. Due to our variety of affordable yet quality towel options, Towel Super Center is the go-to choice for many gyms looking to place whole towel orders.

The Strength of Added Wicking Power

Let’s face it — you need a towel strong enough to mop up sweat without leaving your client or gym equipment moist or wet. Cotton is a porous fabric, meaning it provides breathability and diffuses moisture away from the body. When your clients are working out, they need a towel powerful enough to absorb all of their hard-earned sweat without leaving behind dampness.

Our 100% cotton economy white hand towels allow your patrons to feel comfortable during the entirety of their workout. The rapid drying power of our towels also results in a fresher experience. Moist towels often leave behind an unpleasant odor, causing distasteful smells. Your guests will never be burdened by unpleasant smells because our towels absorb sweat quickly, leaving behind a dry towel ready for more use.

Keeping Your Hand Towels Glisteningly Fresh

Our hand towels are the go-to option for many businesses due to their easy-to-clean properties. Not only are they designed to be used, but they’re designed to be washed repeatedly, as well. Oftentimes, it only takes one wash cycle to remove grime and dirt.

Because our towels are easily bleached as well, they’re the perfect option for any business desiring a towel that withholds its gleaming white shine. For extra tough stains, try adding our towels through additional wash cycle and adding bleach or a bleach alternative.

Take advantage of the deals available on our website today. Don’t wait to provide your facility with the towels necessary to satisfy your patrons. Durable, soft and affordable — the perfect choice for you and your business.