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How Often Should You Wash Salon Towels?

Buying the right types of towels for your salon is the first step. Giving the towels the proper care is key in getting the most out of them, from keeping them in better condition to extending their lifespan. Washing your towels properly and washing them at the right times will help you get the most out of this important tool in your salon.


How to Properly Clean Salon Towels

Washing towels properly isn't just about when you wash them — it's how you wash them. Using these tips to guide you, you can give your salon towels the proper care they need:

  • Use the right detergent
  • Don't use fabric softener
  • Wash towels separately by color and type
  • Wash smaller loads at a time to give a thorough clean
  • Fold your towels as soon as they come out of the dryer
  • Only wash towels together — don't add other types of items

When you don't use these tips, you may see extra wear and tear on your towels. Considering you use them every day anyway, it may really lessen the time in between when you need to replace them.

Taking the extra consideration to follow these guidelines means you don't have to replace your towels as often, and they'll be in much better condition for longer. Since your clients see and use the towels, the look is important.

How Often Should You Wash Salon Towels?

Even if you wash your towels the right way, washing them too much or too little can lead to negative results.

Many people recommend washing personal bath towels several times a week, and that frequent washing is also recommended for your salon towels. While you can use your own towel more than once, more frequent washing is necessary for a salon.

When a towel is used even once in your salon, it's ready for a wash. If you were visiting a salon, hotel or other similar business, you would never want to reuse someone else's towel. Washing your towels after one use helps keep your salon sanitary.

You may even need to wash the towels before they're used. If they're sitting out in the salon for a time, they may accumulate dust and other gunk that gets in the air in the salon.

While overwashing towels can be an issue, it may not be something you can avoid. In order to keep your towels clean so you can give clients the best experience possible, frequent washes make that happen.

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