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What Does Thread Count Mean for Towels?

What does thread count mean for towels?

Different businesses require different towel types, durability and sizes. For instance, while you may need durable hand towels at your auto detailing center, you would need luxurious bath towels at a massage clinic where your clients will need a soft and total cover-up towel.

When you're in the market for towels for your clients and guests, knowing what thread count is best for towels and how grams per square meter (GSM) play an integral part in the selection process is crucial. Ideally, you shouldn’t simply choose a type of towel by touching it only. The thread count and GSM contribute to a towel's thickness, quality and absorbency. Additionally, the size of the towel is also essential.

If you haven't been paying attention to the towel thread count and GSM of your wholesale towels, now's the time to learn what these are and how they can impact your establishment.

This article explains what each of these is as well as how to shop for high-quality commercial towels for your unique business needs.

How to Shop for Towels

To get the best towels for your business, factor in thread count, thread construction, GSM and type of towel. Let's start with thread count.

What Does Thread Count Mean for Towels?

Thread count refers to the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. Thread count includes the number of threads both horizontally and vertically.

Many different factors play into a towel's thread count, but typically the higher the thread count is, the more absorbent the towel will be.A higher thread count results in a more absorbent towel.

Does Towel Thread Count Matter?

Yes, thread count matters when choosing towels for your guests. Towels with a high thread count are very plush, soft, durable and absorbent. Egyptian cotton towels are a good example. These towels, when cared for properly, last for years and are a staple in many spas and hotels.

Although thread count may seem like a fairly straightforward subject for most people, unfortunately, some businesses have bent the rules of the thread count practice in the past, counting the number of strands versus the number of threads.

When examining thread count, make sure you are looking at the number of threads per square inch, instead of counting the number of strands of cotton. Multiple strands make up one thread, so counting each small fabric strand can result in an exaggerated thread count.

The stitch of a high-quality towel has tightly packed, thick loops. The towel will be more absorbent the denser the loops are. The base layer won’t be visible in high-quality towels. The less thread in a towel, the less material you're getting, relating to overall quality issues of the towel. No towel is going to absorb a lot of water and feel soft if you can see the base easily.

A high-quality towel feels heavier than it appears, which signifies that it provides more volume for absorbency. You'll know if a towel has as many threads as the company claims just by how it feels. A heavy towel means the use of more thread.

Different Types of Thread Construction

The number of threads per inch is only part of the main picture when choosing towels. The type of thread and how the towel is constructed also contribute to the durability and quality of the towels. Double-turned edges, double-stitches and tightly-packed loops make a huge contribution to the final product, but the construction technique used for the threads is critical.

Here are four common techniques:

  1. Combed: With combed threads, the fibers are combed, and the manufacturing process removes shorter threads. This leaves only the strongest, longest and highest quality threads for weaving the end products.
  2. Twist: With this technique, the threads are twisted together at various rates to achieve different results. For instance, a high-twist thread yields a more durable and stronger towel. However, low-twist threads result in towels with a softer and smoother feel.
  3. Ringspun: Ringspun, unlike the combed cotton, combines the short and long-staple threads, twisting them together tightly, making a stronger and smoother thread. This results in a more luxurious feel than with combed cotton.
  4. Terry: A terry towel uses extra thread to create larger thread loops which results in a higher-absorbency towel.

Ordinary towels can break down after frequent washings. At Towel Super Center, however, we understand commercial towels need to be extremely durable — without losing absorbency. That’s why our towels come in multiple colors and weights while keeping their shape and softness.

What Is GSM?

Towels are typically between 300-900 GSM.

In addition to thread count and thread construction, factor in GSM. GSM stands for grams per square meter and describes the towel's thickness or linear density. GSM is the standard measurement for the fabric's quality and weight. Towels are typically between 300 to 900 GSM. As with thread count, the higher the GSM number, the thicker the towel.

Why is towel thickness such a big deal? Three main reasons include:

  1. Thick towels are highly absorbent, making drying simple.
  2. A weighty, soft towel provides a sense of comfort.
  3. Thick towels often withstand more wear and tear.

When shopping for wholesale towels, consider this GSM breakdown:

  • 300 to 400 GSM: The towels are thinner and lighter, meaning they'll dry quicker. These are ideal for the kitchen or gym.
  • 400 to 600 GSM: Bath towels and beach towels typically fit this medium GSM measurement category. Remember, as the numbers increase, so does the absorbency.
  • 600 to 900 GSM: These are the much thicker towels that will take a little more time to dry. They're heavy, thereby offering amazing absorbency. They're probably not a good option for commercial purposes.

One indicator of high GSM is simply a heavier, thicker towel. These are typically more absorbent. So, the higher GSM of a towel means it will soak more water up, but then it will take longer to dry. Towels of the premium cotton variety, like Pima or Egyptian cotton, represent another indicator of better absorbency.

Standard cotton towels are made and priced for everyday use. The more costly towels, such as Egyptian cotton, have much longer threads, which allow them to have more moisture-absorbent loops per inch.

Towel loops improve the absorbency of a towel by trapping water drops in their hoop. Towels that feature a higher thread count will likely provide more towel loops, meaning they will offer maximum absorbency.

While absorbency is an essential factor to consider when buying wholesale towels, it's often difficult to discern. There is no way to measure the absorbency of a towel without actually trying it. However, you can look for certain indicators the towel will absorb plenty of water.

What's the Best GSM for Wholesale Towels?

When choosing the best towel weight, it is a matter of personal preference and the type of business you run. Looking at the GSM breakdown above, you wouldn't want to offer your guests bath towels with a 300 to 400 GSM if you're running a hotel — you'd probably want to go with a towel weight of 600 GSM which is considered more of a "luxury" product. Lower GSM towels may dry faster, but they absorb less water.

When shopping, you also don't want to judge the towels by their in-store softness. Many manufacturers add a softener to their towels to make them appear soft and fluffy. But, after several washes, they start feeling rough and course. Again, pick the towel up. If it's soft, fluffy and heavy, it's likely a higher GSM that will maintain its softness down the road.

A great way to make certain your towels stay luxurious, soft and cozy is to ensure the label says they're made from 100 percent cotton.

Why Cotton?

Cotton fibers absorb water naturally and can hold over 25 times their weight in liquid. And, 100 percent combed cotton will mean the manufacturers have removed the shorter threads, which prevents the towel from pilling — forming small balls of fluff — and keeps the towel strong.

Most towels are made from cotton. However, their look and feel will depend largely on the type of cotton used. Typically, more expensive towels, such as Egyptian cotton towels, are made with longer cotton threads.

Different Types of Cotton Towels

Just because a towel has a higher GSM rate, however, doesn't mean it will always be a "better towel." Again, it depends on the type of business you're running. In some cases, a light and airy towel with a 300 to 400 GSM will hit the spot. Or, you may prefer to provide your guests with the ultimate, luxurious 900 GSM bath towels. Regardless, there are various high-end cotton towels with different GSM rates.

With that said, there are different levels of quality to look for when buying wholesale towels, including:

  • Economy quality: Economy quality towels come in various sizes and shapes, from bath towels to hand towels and washcloths. The cotton fiber loops aren't as plush as the premium grades, which is why they are "economy quality." They're the type of cotton towel if you're looking for thirstiness and quick drying.
  • Premium quality: These are the next step up from economy quality. The fibers in the premium quality towels are looped more tightly and provide more fluffiness.
  • Premium-plus quality: These are the highest quality level for wholesale towels. You'll find these top-line, premium-plus quality towels in hotels, spas and country clubs.

Types of Wholesale, Durable Towels at Towel Super Center

Choosing towel types

Deciding on the best wholesale towels for your business involves much more than you might initially think. You should realize now that a towel isn’t just a towel. When choosing towels for your customers and guests, you’ll want to look at factors including feel, size, weight and quality.

You don’t want to stock your bathroom shelves with small towels that will barely dry your hotel guests off. Likewise, you probably don’t want to offer your gym patrons huge, luxurious towels. While the type of material and quality of towel are important, you also need to use a little common sense and buy towels which suit your type of business.

No matter what your business is, we have bulk towels for you. Here are some examples:

  • Gym towels: When working out at the gym, no doubt your patrons will break out in a good sweat. Therefore, you'll need to provide a quality gym towel to keep your patrons dry and wipe the sweat up off the gym equipment. Offering quality gym towels will provide your patrons with an added special touch to their gym experience.
  • Spa towels: If you are a spa or salon owner, you no doubt require an endless amount of towels each day. Whether you're using towels on a customer's hair after a perm or coloring or you provide them to your customers to dry their hands or steam their face, you can't have enough fresh spa or salon towels on hand. White-colored towels are ideal because they retain their quality in both hue and texture. Premium hand towels are made with resilience and durability.
  • Hotel towels: When running a hotel, you know your guests expect luxurious towels. Supplying rooms with thin 300 GSM towels will not do. You want soft and fluffy hotel-quality bath towels.
  • Yoga towels: Yoga studios also need towels in various colors and sizes. There are many different qualities of yoga towels, both economical and premium for just the right level of comfort.
  • Grooming towels: If you run a pet grooming company, you need a dependable set of tools, which includes durable towels. Towels for pets need to be durable as well as absorbent and easily cleaned, which makes investing in high-quality grooming towels essential.
  • Wholesale towels for any business: No matter what business you run — whether it's a gym, salon or hotel — you need durable wholesale towels with quality GSM weight and thread count.
  • Blended wholesale towels: You’ll also find blended wholesale towels that blend cotton threads with other materials. You may find blended towels dry more quickly than 100 percent cotton towels.
  • Bleach-resistant towels: When you own or manage a spa, hotel, restaurant or salon, you no doubt want to have your towels washed with bleach. If your signature towels match your brand's colors, then bleach-resistant colored towels offer the safeguard you need to keep those colors vibrant.

Shop for High-Quality Wholesale Towels at Towel Super Center

At Towel Super Center, we understand the demand for high-quality bath towels and hand towels. We stock a wide selection of quality towels of various sizes and colors whether your business is looking for premium plus luxury quality or simple economy quality.

We are the leading wholesale towel supplier on the internet. We commit to offering our customers a huge range of economy and premium towels at very affordable prices. We offer towels for various types of businesses including, spas, salons, gyms, hotels and more.

No matter what you choose for your wholesale towels, we have you covered. Shop our wholesale towels today to ensure your customers and guests are using the perfect towel every time. You can shop by the type of business, towel grade and more.

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